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Submit a Reporting Form

All organizations receiving YAP funds are required to fill out a Reporting Form to let us know exactly how the grant funds were implemented. The Reporting Form needs to specifically document how the grant funding directly benefits YAP’s target population – youth with multiple risk factors, youth who have special needs, and/or youth who experience socio-economic marginalization. Organizations receiving funding will also need to evaluate and report on the measurable outcomes of the grant funding.

Please note that your submission is not complete until CSFF has received a signed hard copy. After submitting your Reporting Form online, you will receive a confirmation email with your completed form attached in PDF format. Please print the PDF, sign and date it, and mail the signed copy to:

Grant Review Committee
Youth Advocacy Project for Routt County
Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation
P.O. Box 776429
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

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